International Leisure...
  • We have carefully selected quality centrally located worldwide properties in the great cities and resort / holiday locations that will enhance your lifestyle and deliver significant savings* on accommodation, cruises and airfares.
  • Provides over 60 years of combined experience in a wide range of offshore residency services, as well as, owning and managing offshore accommodation for leisure or retirement. 
  • Focuses on the most critical aspects of offshore living and provides its members with tomorrows new ideas, new cultures, and many new experiences. This is todays' trend.
  • Woman on the BeachIs designed to provide a luxurious lifestyle at reduced costs compared to a 4 to 5 Star hotel 
  • Has refined and extended its role in bringing you great offshore residences and locations. Enjoy the financial benefit to have more is affiliated and managed by International Leisure Corp. Pty. Ltd. 

Call 1 800 763 240
(Int. ++ 617 5538 6530)

*Two for One savings come from being a voucher holder note  T&C's 
Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort

We are committed to providing our members with cost effective, quality worldwide experiences...
  • Great restaurants & shopping
  • Art and architecture
  • Fun and excitement
  • Experience new cultures
  • Make a difference to your life with low living costs
  • No need to learn a foreign language
  • Expat enclaves
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